Road Traffic Information
Road traffic information provided by: JARTIC
Required time by car (Standard)
AreaSectionRequired time
Tokyo Sta.Narita Airport -> Tokyo Sta. Area70min
Tokyo Sta. Area -> Narita Airport70min
ShinjukuNarita Airport -> Shinjuku Area75min
Shinjuku Area -> Narita Airport75min
YokohamaNarita Airport -> Yokohama Area100min
Yokohama Area -> Narita Airport100min
Haneda AirportNarita Airport -> Haneda Airport85min
Haneda Airport -> Narita Airport85min
ShinagawaNarita Airport -> Shinagawa Area70min
Shinagawa Area -> Narita Airport70min
ShibuyaNarita Airport -> Shibuya Area75min
Shibuya Area -> Narita Airport75min
Roppongi and AkasakaNarita Airport -> Roppongi and Akasaka Area80min
Roppongi and Akasaka Area -> Narita Airport80min
Tokyo Disney ResortNarita Airport -> Tokyo Disney Resort60min
Tokyo Disney Resort -> Narita Airport65min
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